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Every little one matters.  Our mission is to provide the most dignified, respectful and beautiful funeral we can for every dear one that comes through our doors.

We will take care of everything and hold the space for you to grieve and bid your goodbyes properly in our serene farewell room.

Cremation Packages

Our cremation packages include a private funeral, floral arrangements, a complimentary urn, bone picking or sea scattering and transport to pick up your pet and return the urn.

Urns & Accessories

Our range of urns and accessories are selected to help you create beautiful memories and keepsakes of your beloved pet.

In Memoriam

Our obituary page allows your family and friends to send messages of love and share stories and photos of your beloved pet.

What people have said about our services

M AllanM Allan
00:26 26 Apr 22
Rainbow Paradise was really quick in responding and sending someone over to pick my little angel up in a very short notice (within 1-2 hours to be exact). The lady, Angie, who came to pick my pet up was compassionate and gentle with the whole process. She even gave us a heartwarming card to console us.The slots were full for cremation the following day so we had to do the funeral the day after. Our furry angel still looked the same even though it had been 2 days after she had passed on. Her ears were still soft.. body still so clean.. They kept her so well and comfortable.When we were there for the funeral, the atmosphere felt so peaceful. They played soft, nature music that made me imagine where my pet would be - in the green pastures. The staff were very respectful with the handling of the body before cremation and ashes after.I would never wish for your pet's time to ever come, but if it does, Rainbow Paradise is the place for you and your family to send your beloved pet over the rainbow in the best way ever.Thank you, Rainbow Paradise. 🌈
17:37 02 Apr 22
I am truly thankful that I have chosen Rainbow Paradise for providing a memorable farewell for my beloved Baby which passed away on 16/03/2022 and sea burial on 2/4/2022. From collecting the body, to arranging a beautiful cremation and sea scattering, every steps was updated timely to me and well taken care of. They even went the extra mile to provide photos and video upon cremation and sea scattering, which means a lot to me to witness the farewell of my fur kid. I will highly recommend Rainbow Paradise for the excellent service provided with affordable pricing. Definitely a respectful and professional team to assist me in completing Baby’s last journey. 🌈❤️🙏🏻 Thank you once again.
Rebecca FrancesRebecca Frances
00:31 19 Mar 22
Fantastic service always!It's our 3rd times trusting Rainbow Paradise for our pets farewell. This time round, our family were not able to attend the service of our beloved girl. Rainbow Paradise completed a very professional nice service including sea scattering with pictures and video update. Our family is deeply touched by the considerate and friendly staff, handling our pet with such sweet respect. I strongly recommend them to all paw parents to use Rainbow Paradise service for their pets final journey.
Eunice ChooEunice Choo
02:25 28 Aug 21
Thank you so much for the excellent services, Rainbow Paradise, Alex, Jody and the team. Without you guys, we wouldn’t know what to do. All employees are sincere, empathy, caring towards family members. You gave all the advise that we need and We appreciated it.The ceremony was beautiful and my boy Toto will love it and now he can rest in peace. Once again, thank you all for all the time and effort. ❤️
Lynn LeeLynn Lee
17:36 15 Jul 21
Really grateful to the staff at Rainbow Paradise for being so professional and respectful throughout the process. You are first shown to a room where your pet is laid beautifully on a table. You can bring your own flowers and your pets favorite treats and they will help to arrange it as best as they can. You will be given time to say your final goodbye before a very formal, dignified send off. The cremation took only about an hour and we could collect the ashes which was placed in a very nice urn. You have an option of checking the ash before they place it in the urn if you want to. There are also options to purchase a different urn if you want but I found the default is already very nice and really didn’t have to get a different one.I would highly recommend you to check this place out if you want to be assured of a decent cremation for your pet.
Siah GeannieSiah Geannie
05:12 18 May 21
Thank you Rainbow Paradise for helping us with our boy final closure. It was done so well. The private room and good environment allow us to spend the last moment of time with him.The staff are very polite and very helpful. We could feel so much sympathy and support from your team. Our dog was given so much respect on his last journey. Highly recommended place to do final closure cremation for pet owner. The price is the cheapest in town that we have check.
Jolyn ChanJolyn Chan
07:36 31 Mar 21
Very fast and efficient service, the staff name Alex is very friendly and understanding, tho my pets death was too last minute but he manage to arrange pickup asap within the timing said and agreed. He even sent a photo of my pets laying down, bedded with flowers before the cremation starts. And also he'll sent a photo after cremation is done.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! And AFFORDABLE!! Compared to other animal cremation services, Rainbow Paradise Pet Cremation is the cheapest that I've ever came across with and give you their 100% service without Doubt. Will definitely come back for their services again in the future.
Michelle AngMichelle Ang
02:37 06 Feb 21
My bunny suddenly collapsed and leave us over the weekend. Despite it was on weekend, Rainbow Paradise was very responsive and patient guiding me along. The pick up, private moment before sending off gives a good closure. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. The price is reasonable and the service is reliable. Rainbow Paradise has a team of dedicated professionals with compassion. I’m glad to have chosen them.
Grace LGrace L
12:09 05 Jan 21
Rainbow Paradise is my go-to for the respectful cremation that my hamsters deserve. All the staff I encountered during the 3 cremations I have held there are understanding, patient, kind, and generous even to a tiny little dwarf hamster, whom other people may regard as "just a rodent". They ask if there's any religious preference, help me play Buddhist chanting, give me time to spend the last few moments with my hamsters, help me arrange the body and flowers aesthetically, and understand the pain of losing a furry family member. Facilities wise, there is an air conditioned waiting room while I wait for the remains of my hamster. Their rates are also competitive. Definitely 5 star service and facilities, and I always recommend Rainbow Paradise to all my friends with pets.

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