Our Packages

All our packages include the following:

pet cremation private farewell room
Say goodbye in the privacy
of our serene Farewell Room, unhurried and peacefully
pet cremation transport and team
We will pick up your pet and carefully transport him to us, and send him back if you would like to keep his ashes
pet farewell cremation with flowers
We will dress and arrange your pet as beautifully as we can, to make him look like he’s sleeping peacefully
pet ashes and urns
If you choose to retain your pet’s ashes, you can choose from our complimentary urns. We will also issue a cremation certificate for your records
pet cremation bone picking ceremony
We have a room for you to perform bone picking, should you like to personally inter your pet
pet cremation ashes sea scattering
If you wish to scatter your pet’s ashes at sea, we will do so for you, at dawn, to meet the sun

We only perform private cremations (single pet at a time with a private funeral).  Package prices are :

pet cremation price rates

Please inquire separately for AWG & Rescuer rates.