Yuki, Mummy’s Precious Girl

It is impossible to tell Yuki’s story without mentioning her daughter, Emiko.

Emiko was a precious little pupper absolutely cherished by her hooman Momma. She was a cheeky, sociable pup and was an active member of her neighbourhood dog socials and the Shiba Inu Singapore club. Her life was tragically cut short in a hit and run accident. Her dear Momma navigated this with grace although her heart had been shattered into a thousand pieces by the manner of dear Emiko’s passing.

Seeing her pain, her friend asked if she would like to have Yuki, so she would have a little piece of Emiko to hold on to. And so it was that Yuki came into the family.

She was cherished from the very first. Her hardworking Momma made sure she led the fullest life ever. She went to doggy cafes, outings with her doggy friends, she went swimming, she even went on a cruise!

She had a wardrobe of lovely clothes, accessories and even a kimono. She attended theme parties and helped raise funds for good causes. Every birthday was marked and given thanks for.

Her Momma watched over her lovingly. Watched her sleep, watched her in play, and even watched her watch TV.

Yuki was the most deserving doggo for all this love and attention. She was always a good girl, always in tune with her Momma, always gentle, patient and loving.

Yuki passed a couple of weeks ago, after 6 beautiful years with her dearest Momma. Run free little one! Carry your Momma’s love and kisses to little Emiko! 🌈❤️


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