The Smartest Girl – Pepsi

Pepsi was the most self assured doggo you ever met. She knew her own mind and stuck to it. She came to her family as a very young pup and quickly installed herself as the official meeter and greeter. She loved being with people and always inserted herself whereever her family was. There was no chilling in a corner for Pepsi, she was always there with her family, in the living room, just outside the kitchen supervising delicious things being made or chilling in the bedroom with her family.

She had a discerning palette and was very fussy about the quality of her food. She loved milk but it had to be the best milk, and if you ever made the mistake of giving her a choice, expensive morsel, she would never consent to going back to the cheaper version again. 🤭 She generally disliked vegetables, but there was a particular plant that a neighbour planted that she developed a taste for and she would nibble at the leaves and even carry one in her mouth to chew on as she went about her business at home.

She was a really smart girl, she learned to perform treats not because of treats (she wasn’t really food motivated) but because it was precious interaction time with her beloved family. She managed herself, she would fetch her harness & leash and bring it to her owners everytime she needed to go out.

Pepsi passed a couple of weeks ago, after a wonderful 14 years with her family bringing them so much joy. Run free, clever Pepsi! Go with our love! 🌈🙏

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