Dancing in the Moonlight

We sent off a little ex-community cat a couple of weeks ago.

Dancing the cat had a personality and a half, he was extremely charismatic as one of his caretakers put it.

His rescuer told us that back in 2010, Dancing had originally rolled with the Buangkok 5 but gang wars erupted and he was kicked out. Dancing moved 2 blocks down and started to charm his new feeders. He was goofy, extremely affectionate annd ingenuous. He loved tickles on his sides and would frantically pedal his back legs in ectasy. In fact, that was how he got his name, he looked like he was dancing a jig.

In early 2019, his feeder noticed that Dancing looked a bit under the weather. He was diagnosed with mild kidney disease and needed sub-cut as part of his recovery and so his rescuers pooled their funds and boarded him at Mutts & Mittens.

The cheeky fella made himself at home. He charmed his way into a clique and wormed his way into the hearts if the Mutts & Mittens caretakers. His feeders decided that they would pool their resources and permanently board Dancing at Mutts & Mittens.

He became a fixture at Mutts & Mittens, part of a self appointed welcome committee to visitors, and regular in house pawdel for Mutts & Mittens.

He was such a placid and peaceable cat except where treats were concerned. His ugly Singapawrean side would emerge everytime homecooked chicken was involved, queue cutting and even absconding with his buddies’ food!

Through this all, Dancing battled with a host of health issues but he never let it dampen his exuberance for life.

Dancing started to decline rapidly this year. The decision was made to let him go with dignity. And so he passed a few weeks ago, gazing into his caretakers face as he took his last breath.

He lived his life with utmost positivity, with kindness, purity, determination & innocent love.

Run free beautiful Dancing! Go with our love. 🌈❤️


(The following video is compiled from photos taken by his rescuers, visitors and his caretakers at Mutts & Mittens).

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