Little Teddy Yoghurt

When we hear the word Singapore Special, a brown dog usually comes to mind. Actually, Singapore Specials come in many colours and sizes. Many with extraordinary beauty, either in character or in looks.

Yoghurt was one such dog. She stole SOSD Singapore founder, Dr Siew Tuck Wah heart from the very 1st moment he saw her. A little ball of vulnerable fluff masquerading as a teddy bear.

Living with her gave him new perpectives on the homeless strays on our streets, in our forests, in construction sites. Not just the struggle they faced to make it to the next day but also what a wasted potential as a potential companion to someone who had space in their heart.

Yoghurt grew bigger and wiser and loved Dr Siew with all her heart. And in doing so, she changed him and animal rescue in Singapore.

Yoghurt passed from illness last week. She was only 10 years old. Thank you, Yoghurt, for opening so many doors for Singapore strays. Your precious ten years were well and truly spent. Thank you Dr Siew, she will live always in your heart.

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