India: The hard life of a female stray

Imagine not having a choice. A teenage pregnancy, the heartbreak of kids taken into foster care, a string of boyfriends. Alone against the world, living on the margins, seldom welcome. Its always a struggle to survive, always either pregnant or nursing babies. The toll it takes on the body, the calcium loss, the malnutrition.

That, unfortunately, is the typical life of an unsterilized female stray dog in Singapore. Such was life of dear India.

The strayfeeders watching over the site that India used to live had watched her whelp litter after litter of puppies. A team led by SOSD Singapore tried to bring her in for sterilisation but clever India always had her wits about her and eluded them for 4.5 years. She literally was the last “man” standing at her site, the only remaining unneutered female.

So there were whoops of joy when her main strayfeeder managed to painstakingly lure her into a corral trap and with SOSD and their trapper Farty Pet Transport Services, they finally trapped her. Unfortuntely, joy was shortlived. When the vets had a chance to examine her they realised what bad shape the poor girl was in. Dear India crossed the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago. SOSD vollies who had adopted a couple of her rescued pups brought them to say goodbye. It was such a touching scene.

This was far from the happy ending they had hoped for India. The work that strayfeeders, the AWGs and the trappers do as part of the Trap, Neuter, Release & Manage (TNRM) is often challenging. Long vigils, perseverance and sometimes dashed hopes. But they soldier on, because they know how the stray dogs struggle and how miserable their lives can be. They live in the knowledge that they make a tremendous difference to those they manage to help.

Thank you all the AWGs, strayfeeders and trappers involved in the TNRM programme. Bless your kind hearts and your dedication! We are sure that India from across the Rainbow Bridge would agree!

Run free Mommy India!

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