Sunny Smoody

Its really hard to lose a child. Smoody was a Covid baby, and was only a toddler in parrot years.

She was a sweet, affectionate Sun Conure who believed that rules had to be followed and took it upon herself to supervise her companion Loony, a Quaker Parakeet, shrieking at him to return to the safety of the cage when he went gallivanting out of her line of sight.

She had personality in abundance, including a great love of car rides and being obsessive about her tail. Anyone who hazarded a finger near her tail ran the risk of getting their ears shredded.

But, she was primarily made of love. Full of snuggles and kisses for her feathered siblings and her hoomans. Watching her antics banished all care, replacing it with laughter and warm, fuzzy, love.

Sadly, Smoody took ill and passed last week. She really filled her short life with a whole lot of love and living and we were so moved interacting with her family, that this little girl, smaller than your palm gave out so much love and joy.

Fly away dear Smoody, your brilliant feathers shining brightly as you zip through the rainbow bridge.

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