Bravely Bid Your Final Farewell

When they leave, we face the delicate matter of how to handle their earthly remains.

Burial is only allowed on private property with some conditions and only very small animals (fish, hamsters, birds) may be disposed of through NEA’s waste incineration system.

Then there is cremation, either mass, partitioned or private.

For us, its never been an issue of disposal. We believe a life deserves to be dignified. That’s why we only offer private cremations because that comes with a farewell ceremony.

For us dignifying a life means that we mark it with love. By dressing the body (brushing, positioning) and resting it peacefully amongst pretty flowers. By giving it a name, if it did not have a name. By witnessing its final journey. By holding our bodies stiff with respect as we slowly march the bier to the hearth.

It also means taking utmost care of the grieving family. Taking care of everything so they don’t have to. Being thoughtful and kind, leaving them a kind note when we pick up their pet. Warm drinks, comforting words, and some advice for weathering the hard days ahead. Making sure everything is beautiful and serene. To give them peace of mind, good memories and some closure.

We aren’t experts on grief, but we dig deep to be kind as we stand with and by you as you bravely bid your final farewell.

Standing with You, Standing by You,

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