The Most Precious of Summer Peaches, Natsuki Momo

We are often told that time heals all wounds. In our experience, time doesn’t really heal the loss of a dear pet. Perhaps the pain may be less acute over time but that hole inside of us, that missing piece is with us always.

But there is a choice to be made. Do we choose to focus on our loss, to rage, to despair, to deny? Or do we choose instead to gently walk to a place of gratitude, a secret garden that we have made, filled with treasured memories of the joy and love we were once showered with?

Natsuki Momo gained her wings a year ago. 🤍 Her mommy still carries around a Momo shaped hole inside of her. But on this first anniversary, she decided instead to remember the joy and love little Momo brought the family. A smile on Momo’s sweet, little face. Her loving nature — how she played big sis to her hooman brothers. Family guardian — how she would try to stop her mommy from eating something that would make her sick. Her courage and fight with kidney disease. Her fears and struggle with storm phobia.

On Momo’s anniversary, her mommy turned each memory over in her mind and stood a moment remembering, reliving the time together with Momo. Then she smiled and whispered a blessing to Momo and gave thanks for the most precious of summer peaches, Natsuki Momo.

Run free Momo, our love is with you always.

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