A Song of Peace

In the agony of our loss we sometimes reach out for the comfort of religious rituals. The prayers give some relief from anxiety that our departed pet will be lost and afraid. Praying together as a family, holding the same thought and silent hope, brings a certain transcendent peace that gives closure.

So it was with Bruno’s family, they wanted to send him off with some Buddhist chants and engaged Enshrine Services to conduct a prayer service.

师父’s (Venerable’s) calming chants led us to a place of deep peace. As the mantras swirled around us in the room, we felt that we walked beside Bruno on his final journey. The little handbell that 师父(Venerable) rang marked his progress and the resonant sound of the 木鱼 (Wooden Fish) seemed to mark his entering each new stage of his final journey.

Angeline from Enshrine Services gave guidance, giving instructions on how to place the prayer cloth (往生被) over Bruno, laying hands over him and placing a final flower symbolizing all the feelings his family carried in their hearts.

For Bruno’s family, this religious service gave them additional comfort and peace that everything possible had been done for Bruno.

Run free little one, go with our love! 🌈🙏


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