Max the Goodwill Ambassador

Max the Golden Retriever could have worked for the United Nations. He was a Goodwill Ambassador extraordinaire! He would have been the cutest ambassador too!

Max was everything one could imagine about a Golden Retriever – absolutely beautiful, gorgeous coat, sweet faced, sweet natured and loved people and animals alike. Max joined his family when he was a little 3 month pupper and his family loved him from the very first moment.

Max had this way of looking at you that made you feel you were the centre of the entire universe, his beautiful liquid eyes would draw you into his beautiful, innocent world where all things were good and pure. When he wanted to play, he would come to you and gently tug on your clothes or mouth your wrist to cajole you to engage with him.

Max was such a gentle, loving boy, he not only took care of the hoomans but also the animals. He would share his food with his poodle sibling and also the wild birds, worrying that they did not get enough to eat in the wild.

He made it his business to say hello to everybody in the neighbourhood on his walkies. Bestowing them with his megawatt smile. Walks took a long time not because Max covered a lot of distance, but because neighbours would run up to play with him.

The only thing that Max wasn’t good at was baths, but even so, he managed with a little persuasion from yummy snacks. Max even conquered his fear of the vet, he used to be so nervous and would try to run away but over time he realised that his vet was only trying to care for him and became fast friends with his vet.

Max lived to a ripe old age, and his last years were hard as he struggled with his health issues. Dearest Max is dearly missed by everyone, his family, his animal friends and also neighbours who noticed his absence and came calling looking for Max. Run free amazing Max! Spread your charm and charisma across the rainbow bridge! Go with our love! 🌈💗

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