We are back!

All of us who are pawrents can relate to moments when the purity of our animals have touched us, humbled us. Our normally greedy dog letting their sick sister eat the choice bits from their food bowl. Your old, blind dog who can no longer walk creeping towards you to nuzzle you so you remember you are always loved. Our animals are sentient beings, and sometimes they even make better judgments than we do.

When Tengoku was set up all those years ago, the one thought was to honour our animals with a send off that they deserved. Yes, deserved. Because we believe in the sanctity of their souls. Because they have lived their lives alongside us, loving us. Because we have had so many shared experiences together and we need to help them complete this journey well.

We wanted to provide single pet cremation at affordable prices so that people could have a beautiful, final experience with their animals, be it a hamster or a Great Dane. No flushing down the toilet, no throwing into the garbage in a bin bag. And no mass cremations. Because we somehow feel that bundling them together with strangers to be sent off doesn’t quite acknowledge their individual souls. Now, we aren’t being judgey. Just that we want to do more, to provide families with the choice of affordable single pet cremation.

Today, the spirit of Tengoku lives on in Rainbow Paradise. This is not a random claim, Tengoku was our brainchild and all those Tengoku values live on in Rainbow Paradise. We apologise that it took so long for us to get up and running again but here we are. Still trying to do things slightly differently and still mad about animals

Watch our video here:

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