Money Doesn’t Buy Love

Honouring our little ones… making single pet cremation affordable…

During our hiatus, we had time for reflection. We listened to our hearts and remembered all those conversations we had during our Tengoku days and what mattered most to our customers. Again and again, people had thanked us for a dignified send off for their little one. In their time of loss, being able to do at least that, gave them comfort and some peace. That inspired us to work even harder to make single pet cremation even more affordable.

We went back to the drawing board and made sure we trimmed all the fat and nice to haves. But made sure we amped up all the things that mattered to our customers. So we don’t have fancy landscaping nor does our building have architectural features. We don’t have professional photography and no website. We don’t bundle stuff in then mark up our package price.

But we have an airy, comfortable building filled with light. We make up for our “homemade” photography with an extra dose of love. And our packages cover the essentials of transport and a pretty little urn. So that we can offer single pet cremation as close to mass cremation rates as we possibly can. To provide a viable alternative for pet owners. So that people will always choose single pet cremation for their little ones.

Rainbow Paradise. Single Pet Cremation. Always.

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