The Little Things That Give Us Comfort

If you have ever attended a Japanese tea ceremony you would have seen how the discipline of the beautiful little gestures and rituals leave us with a deep appreciation of Japanese tradition. These little rituals help us express what we hold in our hearts. More eloquently than words can express. More deeply than we can articulate. And so it is with farewells. When words fail us, and the emotions threaten to overwhelm us, these rituals give us structure and help us express the love we have in our our hearts, our desire to honour the departed and the peace and comfort we desperately need to salve our grief. We try our best to support our clients however they wish to grieve. Whatever gives them comfort and closure. We silently admire the fortitude of the owner who elects to conduct a bone picking ceremony, performing one last labour of love for his furkid. When owners ask us to stand in for them because they are prostrate with grief we accord the final goodbye with the greatest possible ceremony and dignity. When our clients request a sea burial, we whisper silent prayers into the wind as the seas carry the purified remains away. All we know is that our mission is for every child that passes through our rainbow door to be marked with love and sent off with the greatest possible dignity.

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