Grief is Private

The day we wished would never come. Having to choose a pet cremation company while numb with grief. Do we base our choice on price alone? What is private cremation? Private cremation is a funny term. We would never use that term for our human funerary rites because it is a given, we come into the world alone and we exit alone. We honour the departed as the individual they were. Mass human cremation is something we would only associate with war or genocide. Tengoku was created with that in mind. Because we believe that our pets deserved that same dignity and respect. Rainbow Paradise proudly carries on that Tengoku legacy. Private cremation allows us to have a funeral ceremony to bid our goodbyes. To anoint our precious furkids’ bodies with our love before sending them across the rainbow bridge. To gather as a family to celebrate the life of our furkid. To mark the significance of this life. Private cremation allows us to arrange the last rites for our furkids in a way that will allow us to grieve, obtain closure and peace of mind. This may be a need to see fire purified bones, to confirm there was no chicanery, to tuck a mantra paper under that dear head or simply to be present for the last stage of our furkid’s journey. These are very fundamental needs, not some self indulgence. That’s why we don’t charge an arm and a leg for private cremation or Single Pet Cremation as we prefer to call it. We try to provide this service as close to mass cremation rates as we can, because we so strongly believe that Single Pet Cremation has to be affordable. What matters most for us at Rainbow Paradise is the knowledge that we have done our best for the departed furkid and that the grieving pawrents draw some comfort from things having been done right

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