Mysterious Guardians

There is a palpable sense of peace and serenity in our Farewell Room. You can feel it the moment you step in. Sometimes even when we are dashing about busy with tasks, it stops us the moment we step in. Maybe its good vibrations, but it’s a special place, peaceful, not sad. Filled with good memories that pawrents have brought with them to bid goodbye.

And the animals seem to have given us their approval.

The whimsical trail of pawprints out front. They aren’t there by design, but we love that they are there. Our landlord’s dog put them there and they couldn’t be more appropriate as a metaphor.

That adorable pure white fantail pigeon that sometimes visits. Bobbing his little head seeking attention, he is such a welcome distraction when our hearts are breaking.

And the rarest sighting of them all — three green iguanas that poke their heads through the shrubbery at the back, making sure we handle the bones with respect. Yes, we know iguanas are only found in South America, but we swear we have 3 mysterious guardians keeping an eye on things.

It’s like the animals know what we do is important, is significant. Its a vocation and we are honoured to be entrusted to perform the final sendoff.

Watch our video here:

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