Let’s say Goodbye properly

Regular visitors to this page will know we are great admirers of independent rescuers and stray feeders. That’s not taking anything away from the amazing work that the AWGs do, we are just pointing out that they too play a critical role in the animal welfare community.

Most independent rescuers and stray feeders we know are stretched to the point of exhaustion. Feeding say 40 animals on a daily basis can cost more than $1K/month, depending on what they feed. To save on costs, many strayfeeders cook and that takes hours every day. As for the rescuers/rehomers, trapping, veterinary fees, boarding, training can cost as much as $5K for a difficult rescue.

This is why we want to stretch out a helping hand to independent rescuers/rehomers and strayfeeders. We want to extend the subsidised rates we give to AWGs to independent strayfeeders, rescuers/rehomers.

Registration is easy. Just tell us about the work you do and once you are in our registry, you can get the AWG rates whenever you need them.

We want to help you give the animals you care for a proper send off, no mass cremations, only private cremations where we can say goodbye properly.

Whatsapp us at 8862 7922 to start the registration process. Share this post with independent rescuers/rehomers, strayfeeders you know.

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