Pawrents… true best friends

Before we started working at Rainbow Paradise, most of the staff expected it to be a sombre, sad place.

We never expected it to be such an inspiring place. Such a celebration of faithful love that has renewed our faith in the goodness of people.

Every day, we see owners lovingly arrange flowers around their departed furkids. Arranging their favourite teddy between their paws so they would have their friend with them as they crossed the rainbow bridge. Scattering their favourite treats around them so they could have a little snack on the way.

Mantras, prayers and blessings uttered with so much love. Exhorting the furbabies to run free and not to be afraid, not to worry.

And filling pendants with a little fur or ashes so they could carry a bit of their furbaby with them always.

We are humbled each day by this outpouring of great love. Yes there is grief but we are always amazed how this is always overshadowed by love and the desire to see the departed furbabies at peace, running free and happy.

Today’s post is a tribute to all pawrents. Thank you for being such a faithful friend to your dog, cat, bunny, hamster, bird, tortoise, fish.. You are a true best friend to them.

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