Paying it Forward

Love, kindness and generosity unfolded at Rainbow Paradise again a few weeks ago.

Ilex was tidying his desk after a couple of busy days with a full schedule when he found a mysterious white envelope with a handwritten note inside. “Please accept this to help others not so fortunate as us. Thank you” the note exhorted, referring to the $200 enclosed.

We were so moved. Lost for words. That even during a time of personal loss, this dear person thought to give to others. Thank you dear unknown customer of ours. We will put your generosity to good use.

We will use this to start a Pay It Forward fund that those in need can draw on. Those who find themselves financially stretched but who still want to do their best for their beloved furries and give them a proper send off. On our part, we will only charge our subsidised AWG/rescuer rates for those drawing on the Pay It Forward fund.

Thank you dear generous unknown person and thank you all our customers for being so wonderful and caring so much for your furries. ❤️❤️

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