Farewell Little Bear

Ming Chow joined his family in Nov 2010.

A typical Chow Chow, he was very loyal to his family and would pad around the house following his beloved family, wanting always to be involved, in the middle of all the action.

Ming Chow would wait by the door every evening, his little face lighting up as each family member came home. His family knew they were the chosen ones, only his family members could pat him, could hold him, could carry him. No one else.

He was a very good boy, and so very loved by his family. Even at bath time, he would stand patiently while his thick coat was shampooed and even more patiently while he was blown dry. Never a complaint, just another opportunity to spend time with his family that he loved utterly.

Dear Ming Chow crossed the rainbow bridge this week and his family have a little bear shaped hole in their lives. Remembering all the little things, missing the little shadow following them around the house. Stay strong dear family, Ming Chow is running free, watching over you with love.


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