Crystal the Supercentenarian

We said goodbye to Crystal last week. A second chance senior Golden Retriever who lived to a ripe old age of 16 years.

She crammed so much into her second life and created an enduring legacy in the loving marriage of her pawrents.

Poor Crystal was put up for adoption at age 10. It could have ended so badly but angels were keeping watch. Her future dad saw her adoption notice on FaceBook and decided to bring her home, determined to make every single day count.

Sweet, gentle Crystal was adored, she brought much joy and love to her parents. The smile that broke out on her face each evening as her vigil at the door was rewarded by the return of her pawrents was the only welcome they needed.

Together Crystal and her pawrents journeyed through good and bad times, always together, her simple, pure, loving soul providing comfort and peace.

She was a blessing to her pawrents, bringing them closer, helping them to grow and strengthen in their love, respect and trust in each other.

Her pawrents believe that Crystal was their greatest gift and are eternally grateful for the 6 precious years they had with her and will always keep her in their hearts.

Run free sweet Crystal, we know you will be watching over your family.

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