A Helping Hand. Always.

When the night has come..
And the land is dark…
No I won’t be afraid…
Just as long, as you stand by me

Dogs are said to be men’s best friends, known for their loyalty. But time and time again we have also seen how their hoomans were the furries best friend.

Taking senior doggos and really packing in the love to make sure these doggos led the fullest lived possible in their remaining time. Standing by their furkids regardless of personal hardship and constraints because they too are family. Refusing to take the easy way out but scraping together resources to pay for medical care.

We have taken many calls from owners asking if they could pay by instalment. Desperation and embarassment in their voices.

Our answer will always be “Of Course”. Just bring your little one in.

Dear Owner, we can definitely work something out. Do not be embarassed, we are honoured by your call. We are humbled by your love and loyalty to your little one and we will do what we can to help.

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