Mochi Dawn: The Quality of Mercy

We want to shout out to MercyLight Adoption and all AWGs today. About the heartbreaking work you do behind the scenes.

Dear Mochi Dawn Blessing was a sweet girl that Mercylight took over from NParks. Mochi Dawn was beautiful, friendly and sweet and would have made a great furkid for some lucky family.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. Something was just not right with the poor girl. She was diagnosed with a parasitic disease called leishmaniasis that is carried by sandflies, contracted while she was a stray.

Leishmaniasis can be cutaneous (infects the skin) or visceral (infects the organs). Poor Mochi Dawn drew the short straw and her internal organs were impacted. Despite Mercylight’s best attempts, they were not able to track down the special drug, sodium stibogluconate, used to treat this disease, not locally, not overseas. She developed pulmonary edema and her kidneys failed. Time ran out for this poor girl and she passed on this week.

Dearest Mochi Dawn, we are so sad you did not have the opportunity to find your own family but we know that in the two short months you were with Mercylight, you were loved because they called you a Blessing.

And as your legacy, Mercylight is continuing to source for the drug, so that future doggos who contract visceral leishmaniasis will have drugs to help them get better.

Run free precious one.

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