Mollie: Perfect Dogs are Made

Why do we write these stories about dear ones who pass through our doors? It’s because some of these stories touch us so much that we feel they have to be shared.

Mollie the Border Collie’s story is yet another example. Typical of her breed, Mollie was highly intelligent with boundless energy. This quickly got her into trouble with her first owner. She was tied up most of the time and beaten. When they finally gave up on Mollie and rehomed her, she was skittish, malnourished, distrustful and aggressive to other dogs. Unknown to Mollie, her luck had changed in the most amazing way. Her new owners knew that perfect dogs were not born but the result of hard work, commitment, love and faith.

They stuck by Mollie when she bit other dogs, they stuck by Mollie when other owners gave them dirty looks. They stuck by her when she ate her own poo. They stuck by her when training methods failed.

Trial and error. Effort and discipline. Every day. Every weekend. Unquestioningly believing that the only way was forward. For 5 long years, going at it. Braving the ostracism, the highs and the lows till slowly it began to stick.

People who met Mollie in her later years thought she was the perfect dog. She was beautiful, in perfect form, behaved impeccably and so loving to her family. They would not have been able to even imagine how challenging things had been when they first got her.

This is a tribute to Mollie’s pawrents! What amazing dog owners you have been, to create such a life for her in this urban jungle of all places. To have let her live this wonderful life where she was able to be herself. Thank you so much. We know Mollie is smiling down at you, using our voice to thank you for everything!

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