Simba: A Butterfly Flaps its Wings in the Amazon

Last Saturday we sent off a little lion. Simba or Baba as his pawrent, Theng Wei Gan, affectionately called him.

“Every action we take impacts the lives of those around us” — Arthur Carmazzi.

This couldn’t be more true for dear Simba. Because of Simba, Theng Wei got into animal rescue and because of Theng Wei, many animals have been helped.

Theng Wei adopted Simba 7 years ago. Simba’s fosterer had threatened to send the poor, malnourished boy to the dreaded pound. Simba, as so often happens with rescues did not take well to the change. He ran away on the 6th day. 😢This simple, instinctive act of Simba’s was to have such an impact on Theng Wei and Simba’s joint story.

You see, Theng Wei had been grappling with depression back then. When you suffer from depression, even the most ordinary things are extremely difficult. Simba going missing was absolutely pivotal for Theng Wei. The thought of the poor, vulnerable boy roaming the streets haunted Theng Wei and somehow woke something in Theng Wei. It gave him something to focus on and galvanised his resolve to bring Simba home. Six, long weeks of putting up posters, following up leads, walking the streets in the heat, late at night, before Simba was finally, miraculously found.

We thank you for Theng Wei, Simba! Run free Simba, what an gift your life has been!

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