Hart: Drive Carefully. It’s a Life.

A couple of weeks ago, we received a call one evening to ask if we could help. A cat had been knocked down by a vehicle outside a MRT station in Choa Chu Kang and she wasn’t going to make it. 😢😢

Of course we would help, it’s why we exist. So we kept our doors open till the little one arrived. A pretty, round face, lovely soft fur and well-toned and fed.

A life cut short in its prime. Yet another accident victim. Yet another hit and run. Sure, sometimes things happen too fast, the animals dash out of no where, but in a well lit, heavy traffic zone outside a MRT station? Surely a better lookout could have been kept?

Every life matters. We named her Hart, she may have been a stray but she was loved. She was a community cat and cared for and she gave joy to those who cared for her. And being a community cat, she was a living lesson to our children, on human decency, on how we need to take care of those in need, to be kind to animals. A moment of inattention, a life snuffed out. 😢

As you know, we cremate roadkill without charge. The young lady who retrieved Hart is still a student. So this really helped on the sad day of Hart’s passing.

However, a few days ago, she reached out again, and having managed to find a spare $50, she wanted to contribute to our PayItForward fund. A friend who had helped her bring Hart to us decided to chip in another $100.

And so the magic continues, of one kindness giving birth to another. It fills our heart and gives us purpose.

And Little Hart, run free little one.

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