Little Motherless Chick, Dale

Today we want to share the story of a little chick that didn’t get a chance to be adopted despite the best efforts of its rescuer.

Dale was a jungle fowl. She and her sibling Chip were little, motherless chicks just trying to survive.

They tried to approach a hen they met on the way but motherhood is not for everyone and she attacked them. Luckily they were found by their rescuer and things got better. They were placed with a friend who has a broody hen named Cheddar. She guided and cared for them for 2 months.

When their rescuer eventually went to pick them up, however, Dale got spooked and flew away. She was found nearby, badly injured. She did not recover even after two weeks of medication. 😢😢

We are so sorry Dale, but we take comfort that you have at least experienced Cheddar’s love.

Dale will be watching over Chip from across the Rainbow Bridge.

Photo credits:

Josephine Goh

Sharon S. Lim

Tobby Wong

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