Sky, the Rottie who loved Pink

Rottweilers are scheduled dogs in Singapore. This immediately conjures up an image of a fierce, dangerous animal.

Many rotties, however, are dopey, loveable, gentle giants. Sky was one such overgrown baby.

Dear Sky was rehomed when she was 6+ years. She wasn’t in very good shape, she already had signs of hip dysplasia and there were many tumours all over her.

Her new family were, however, fully committed. They had the tumours removed and focused on nursing her back to health. Sky was unquestionably a member of the family, much loved alongside her other rescue siblings.

Sky passed last week at a ripe old age of 11.5 years. A grand old dame by rottie standards. Though it was cancer that took her, she and her family fought the good fight and enjoyed a good 5+ years filled with much joy and love. She was friendly and loving, and had a weakness for all things pink or squeaky.

Run free dear Sky, we know there are plenty of pink balls across the rainbow bridge for you to play with. You will live ever in your family’s hearts.

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