Dale: When It’s Kinder to Say Goodbye

Sometimes we have to make the difficult decision to say goodbye. Even though our heart wants to hold on. Just a little longer we beg.

But in some instances, letting go is the most courageous thing you can do for your beloved pet because dying peacefully, slipping quietly away is a blessing and not something to be taken for granted.

Over at the shelter at Mutts & Mittens Community, even though they are fiercely “no kill”, no matter how unadoptable or aggressive an animal is, euthanasia is still something they have to resort to.

This was the case for sweet Dale. He was rescued from a longkang in Sungei Tengah a few months ago. He had been stuck there for hours and was too weak to climb out on his own. A vet visit revealed that he had multiple masses in his abdominal area so Mutts & Mittens knew it was a matter of time. Nonetheless, he managed to enjoy a few months there, secure in the knowledge he would get 2 square meals and kind hands taking care of his needs.

But as the sand in his hour glass started to run out, Dale became weak and listless. When his caretaker brought him out to see the sun and sky and feel the breeze in his fur, he barely mustered the strength to raise his head. He rewarded them with a megawatt smile but it was shortlived.

Things worsened over the next few days and Dale started to increasingly cry and bark in pain and lose interest in food.

Mutts & Mittens did not want him to suffer, and with a heavy heart arranged for a vet to call in at Sungei Tengah. They wanted him to at least spend his last moments in familiar surrounds, and not be stressed or scared in an unfamiliar vet office.

There was a hand gently stroking his head and many a tear on the cheek as Dale left.

Mutts & Mittens staff and vollies said goodbye to Dale a couple of days later with us. His body decked out in flowers, looking as if he was sleeping peacefully. Run free sweet prince, free from pain at last.

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