Pingu the Hammie: Sweetest Little Boy

Hamsters seem like such an economical solution for a starter pet when the kids won’t stop pestering. But even though they cost a tiny fraction of what a pedigree dog may cost their lives are just as significant.

They are easily forgotten in the corner of a room. Or because its so hard to discern their gender, a population problem when accidents happen. Their suffering, however, is not diminished by their size, nor is their love limited by being so small.

Many of our customers have cried buckets at the passing of their beloved hamster because these little creatures are capable of love and deep relationships.

Pingu was rescued by Hammie Agency Singapore in November 2020. It was a hoarding case and Pingu was housed in very austere conditions. He turned out to be the sweetest little boy ever and gave much joy to his fosterer. Poor Pingu passed this week after a raft of health issues.

Run free little one! Free at last from suffering. Go with our love!

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