Sweet Skylar: Faithful till the very end

Standing by you, till you draw your very last breath.

Skylar, the Siberian Husky, came to her family as a wee pup. Thus began almost 14 years of joyous moments — sweet, devoted Skylar loved her family completely, they were her entire world and she lived for them.

Her family reciprocated with unwavering love. Their hearts full as they watched her grow, from a helpless puppy, awkward teenager to become a stunningly beautiful Siberian in adulthood. They laughed at her sillyness, brought her to activities she loved and each night as they looked deep into her eyes, they knew all was right with the world.

Skylar started to fade in the last few years. Her immunity wasn’t what it used to be anymore and she had a bad case of ringworm and her beautiful coat had to be shaved down. And unfortunately, her beautiful coat didn’t grow back even after she recovered from ringworm. Skylar also developed dementia, heart, liver and kidney issues.

On 3rd September, poor Skylar took a turn for the worse. She was unable to eat or stand and every breath was a struggle. Her family knew it was time to say goodbye. Her mama sat down next to her and told her to let go, run free and that she was so loved. 😢 Dear Skylar left 30 mins later, her sweet head nestled on her mama’s knee.

Run free sweet girl, go with our love.

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