Bahu the Lovebug

What do you do when you notice something’s not quite right with an animal you are about to adopt? Answer: You adopt it anyway and you give it all the love you have in whatever time you have together.

Bahu, the guinea pig, was an endearing, fluffy, brown ball of love. His family adopted him and his brother when they were only a month old.

He was the runt in his litter, the smol-lest lovebug. Unfortunately, he never managed to catch up, no matter how much he ate.

Then one day, he stopped eating and drinking. No input and hardly any output. He was listless and put up no resistance when his owner syringe fed him. Despite a vet visit, 5 month old Bahu passed the next day. 😭

His four months with his family were golden moments, filled with love and joy. A life fully lived indeed.

Run free little one, go with our love.

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