Colours in my bones

The life I’ve led is written in my bones. What colours will I leave behind when I’m gone?

Black spots on my bones are testament to the pampering and treats you have lavished on me. I’ve sat, pawed, laid down and rolled over for those naughty treats that now speckle my bones in black and grey. This mantle of love will keep me ever warm, a reminder of your love that will always endure.

Pink, green and orange, colours that brighten up the sky like a rainbow after rain. These colours too can be found in my bones but they are markings of sickness, left behind by the medications I had to take. Pink from copper, green from iron and orange from zinc. They tasted awful and I did my best to avoid them. But in the end, they too are a testament to love. Of your love for me, the worry in your eyes; and of my love for you, obediently taking my pills because I could not bear your pain.

And sometimes, I may even manage to leave you a present in my bones. Rare crystals called sarira. They are only possible because you have guided me so positively my whole life, they are testament to our path together towards the light.

So put away all tears when you see my bones. Look instead for the colours that speak of all the love that has passed between us. Of all the experiences shared, of all the joy and growing we did together. They are a silent poem of my life with you.

So look for the colours in my bones, and see rainbows arching across the sky, wildflowers bobbing their heads by the roadside and butterflies fluttering their painted wings. And know I now run free across the rainbow bridge, free and joyous without any care.

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