Champion the Golden Lab

What makes a Champion? Its not just about the winning. It’s also about character and how you face life in every single aspect big or small.

Dearest Champion, the Golden Labrador, lived up to her name. She was named Champion because of her winning attitude — tough, strong and highly intelligent, she went through life with joy and exuberance.

She ran fast, ate fast, learnt to swim fast and also melted the hearts of those around her fast. An absolute speed champion. 💕💕

She never gave any trouble, always joyful, always contented. She never fussed about food and enthisiastically welcomed all visitors and even loved shower time.

She loved her sisters and even though they were so much smaller than her, she always waited patiently for them to finish their food before she polished off their leftovers. On walks, she played security detail while little Hei Hei trash-barked every big dog they met. 🤭🤭

There was only one thing that sweet Champion did not excel in. She had a cancerous lump on her leg when she was only 18 months old. Although she recovered from that to enjoy many more good years with her family, the big C came back in the form of bladder cancer when she was 9 years old.

Once again, Champion displayed her winner’s spirit, she was joyful and positive through her discomfort and still enjoyed her food and visitors. Only at the very end when the pain become too much did she allow herself to whimper.

Champion’s family made the difficult decision to let the poor girl out of her suffering and she passed peacefully at home surrounded by those who loved her dearly. 💔

Goodbye sweet girl! Thank you for the joy you brought and all the love you gave. You were the goodest girl ever and the best dog one could ask for. Your family will heal slowly as you watch over them from across the Rainbow Bridge.

Runfree little one, go with our love!

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