One last look before you go

One last look before you go

My tears have dried on my cheeks

My fingers flutter with longing

To stroke your head just once more

But all I see before me is a tray of bones

All I have left of you

I choke back that lump in my throat

And gently stroke your bright white bones

And slowly, slowly I start to pick them through

The pieces of your skull I try to join back together

Remembering the secret smile you always gave me with every pat

Your jawbones with some teeth still intact

That you clamped shut everytime I tried to brush your teeth

Femur, tibia I put them in a pile

Your little legs that ran so fast when I called your name

Metacarpals and phalanges

How many times you gave me your paw

And then your spider like vertebrae

The knobby bits I felt when I stroked your back

I search but sadly I cannot find your tail

Instead I pick up these delicate curved bones

Your ribs that i obsessively felt to make sure you weren’t too fat

And now as I place you in your urn

I know I have done my last duty by you

My vigil done

My sorrow complete

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