Run Free, Shelty

An uneventful life can be the biggest blessing one could ask for.

Dear Shelty had that. Fifteen uneventful years that saw him grow from a silly, destructive pupper to an old man entirely dependent on his family for even the most basic biological needs. Fifteen blessed years spent with those he loved the most. Fifteen years not knowing the meaning of want.

Shelty’s gift to his family was the simple joy of knowing that he would be there waiting for you at the door every single day. His absolute delight that you were going to bring him out for a walk. His little greedy face when you brought out his treats and made his day.

Little mundane things that his innocence transformed into such precious memories for his family to remember him by.

Strangers can now walk past without being barked at by the silly boy. The dining table chairs he decorated with his teeth no longer need to be put atop the dining table. 😢😢

Shelty runs free now across the Rainbow Bridge. Always bathed in his family’s love.

Run free little one. Go with our love.

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