Little Bailey

Sometimes, we are in total awe of the pawrents who use our services.

Little Bailey was a 9 month old Shiba Inu, who in the words of her pawrents, was an absolute angel from the first day she entered their lives.

She was shy but loving and quickly won the hearts of all around her.

Although she was always sedate and well behaved, she was still only a puppy and wasn’t above sneaking onto her pawrents bed when no one was looking. 🤭🤭

Sadly, tragedy struck a couple of weeks ago. Dear Bailey slipped from her collar and ran away in a panic. Despite a 3 day search with the community looking out for her, they did not manage to reach Bailey in time. She was knocked down and succumbed. 💔💔

While dealing with this devastating loss, her pawrents still behaved with absolute grace, remembering to update and thank the community for their help. They grieved with dignity and chose instead to focus on the joy she had been to them.

The little time that they managed to spend with her will ever be written on their hearts. Their wish is for Bailey to run free and fearless across the rainbow bridge.

Run free little one, go with our love.

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