Paying It Forward

It’s that special time of the year, when we are all a little bit more loving, a little bit more generous and a little bit kinder.

And, it’s also the 1st Anniversary of our PayItForward fund. Since we launched it with funds in an envelope from an unknown kind stranger, we have had people reaching out to contribute.

Some donors decided to contribute to the fund because we cremated their rescues without charge. Some contributed because they wanted to dedicate it to the memory of the precious ones they had lost. Some just rounded up when they transferred payment.

We even had a lady calling us to say that she wanted to send us a sum each month in memory of her dear late sister who had loved animals. (We unfortunately had to turn her down because we did not want the funds to accumulate too much).

These are tough times and money has been tight for many people. So, we are happy to share that the fund was able to help. Two ladies reached out for help. They wanted to give their beloved companions a beautiful send off and wondered if they could have some help.

So with a subsidy from the PayItForward fund Mdm Ong was able to give dear Cutie, her beloved adopted Jack Russell, a beautiful send off. Cutie was her faithful companion for 14 years.

Ruth had already booked in to cremate her bunny Athena on a Saturday morning when her other bunny Ares also passed away. Already saddled with heavy vet bills, she reached out to ask if there was anything to do to help. However, our PayItForward fund had competition from our transporter who also does bunny rescue, the bill was split between our transporter and the PayItForward fund.

Thank you dear donors for your generosity and thank you Mdm Ong and Ruth for wanting the best for your furkid and letting us help.

Run free little ones. Go with our love.

Read more about our PayItForward Fund here:

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