The Unusual Funeral Party For Tuxxy Sweet

It was 11am on Christmas Eve. A young boy accompanied by his mother and sibling trudged into our compound, struggling with an unwieldy cardboard box that was wider than he could comfortably carry. We asked if we could help but he politely but firmly declined, it was his honour alone. His labour of love.

Moments later a middle aged man carrying a cat in a pet carrier walked in.This unusual configuration was the funeral party for Tuxxy Sweet. And their story was a tale to warm our hearts and renew our faith in the goodness of people.

The boy’s mom F had been on her way to the supermarket when she chanced on Tuxxy Sweet the Community Cat on the pathway. Tuxxy’s poor leg was at an awkward angle and she was mewing piteously. Tuxxy Sweet somehow chose F to help her in her hour of need, she hobbled towards F and allowed her to transfer her into SPCA’s carrier.

Sadly, Tuxxy Sweet did not make it and passed from her internal injuries. F decided to give Tuxxy Sweet a proper sendoff as she was a cat mama herself and wanted to honour poor Tuxxy Sweet even though she had only known Tuxxy Sweet for less than 2 hours in total.

She also arranged for Ginger, Tuxxy Sweet’s friend, and one of Tuxxy Sweet’s feeders to attend Tuxxy Sweet’s farewell.

It was a beautiful farewell indeed. Not because of the pretty flowers but because of the pure hearts that filled the room that day.

Dear kind people, thank you for taking the trouble for a little community cat.

Run free Tuxxy Sweet, go with our love

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