Spotty the Dalmation

Spotty the Dalmatian lived his best life from the time he came home to his family as a little 3 month old pup in October 2009.

Spotty’s family fell in love with the adorable spotted ball of fluff from the moment they first saw him. Sweet, easy going Spotty never gave his family any grief and got along well with his 2 doggy siblings except when it came to toys.

Spotty loved his food including fruit and veggies like bananas, pineapples and broccoli! And he was somewhat of a lemongrass connoisseur — an after dinner graze at the lemongrass patch was an absolute must! 😂😂

Spotty became an only dog in 2019 after both his siblings passed. He missed his playmates and was lonely during the day. In 2020, age started to catch up and Spotty began to have health issues. Spotty was the bestest boi and never complained, never losing his good nature and loving heart.

However, after 6 surgeries, his family knew that it was time to say goodbye and free him from his pain and suffering. 🤍

It was so evident to us how well loved Spotty was, and so as we wreathed his body with flowers, we wished him peace and a safe journey crossing the rainbow bridge and made him beautiful so his dear family would have a beautiful last memory of him.

Run free dear Spotty, go with our love. 🌈💞

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