Oscar, the Senior Dog with Puppy Eyes

Oscar the GR was loved. So very loved. You would never guess he was already a senior dog when he joined his family. They didn’t have a chance, he was the bestest boi they could ever ask for. Sweet natured, ever so gentle with soulful puppy eyes that you could never resist.

When 9.5 year old Oscar joined his family, his new sibling Sophie (another GR) wasn’t quite sure how to react. But dear Oscar, recognizing that he was the interloper here, waited respectfully in a corner for her to accept him. Despite having to deal with this big change in his life and missing his old family, he never once challenged young Sophie. His patience was richly rewarded and Oscar became a dearly loved family member. Oscar’s favouritest person was his new papa and he stuck to his new papa like glue, the epitome of a loyal and faithful dog!

Oscar made the best of his new life and made sure he got his share of his favourite foods, he used his puppy eyes to tractor beam hard boiled eggs, durians and all manner of delectable treatos into his tum tum. Resistance was futile.

Oscar crossed the rainbow bridge in early Jan. They were bereft. It was only a small consolation that he was no longer in pain. We did our best to support Oscar’s family, to take care of the arrangements so they could focus on saying goodbye. We lovingly dressed Oscar, knowing what a good boi he must have been to have been loved so much, and whispered our usual prayer.

Run free dear Oscar, go with our love. 🌈❤️

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