Say Beautiful Goodbyes

The loss of a beloved pet is an especially hard thing to bear.

Of course pawrents know their pet is not really their baby. But then again, in so many ways they are. Pawrents worry about them being lost or frightened. They feel the loss deeply, of something being wrenched from their hearts.

Our staff know it is not our place to console them, but they try their best to give some comfort through little thoughtful acts.

Our transport staff asked that condolence cards be designed so they could leave that for pawrents when they picked up their precious ones.

Our boss cremated his faithful dog of many years and his sons wrote beautiful farewell notes to their dog but these notes also gave great comfort to their Dad. He asked we design some notepaper that our customers could use to say goodbye.

Our conductor noticed how the Rainbow poem up on our walls gave comfort and hope to the bereaved and so we made little postcards that we could pop in with the paperwork for them. Little words that would perhaps give them comfort on their journey.

They aren’t much, but we hope these small things will make pawrents feel cared for in this difficult time.

Standing by you. Standing with you.

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