Sending Dan Dan Off at First Blush of Dawn

Saying goodbye is unfortunately something quite inevitable. Except perhaps for parrots and tortoises, the lives of our beloved pets will pass in the blink of an eye. As we notice our dear doggo start to get stiff in their joints and stumble over steps, we suddenly realise we haven’t seen them do zoomies for a while.

And so we start to prepare ourselves. We console ourselves that we’ve had a good 14 years. We tell ourselves to treasure the time we still have. All this advice we give ourselves falls on deaf ears. The heart wants what the heart wants. We want to hold that wriggley, little puppy forever in our arms. We want to see that sweet little smile at the door each night when we come home from work. We want to close our fingers over that little paw as they sleep. To blow little zephyrs over their ears to wake them.

And so when that final moment arrives, despite all the rational arguments, we are never prepared for the loss of our beloved pet. For that gaping hole in our chest that physically hurts. All we can do is try our best to say goodbye in the best way we can think of.

What would he like, what should we send with him, what do we do with his remains?

And so it was, that when Dan Dan the Jack Russell passed peacefully from old age, her mama thought of what Dan Dan would want. Dan Dan had spent 15 years with her family and her mama knew the sweet, loving girl was a free spirit. So they garlanded her body with flowers to reflect her bright and warm personality and arranged for a sea scattering at the first blush of dawn to set her free. They brought down her sibling Kyubee to say goodbye knowing how much the two had loved each other.

Farewell dear Dan Dan, free from pain and the indignity of old age, go with our love.

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