When We Meet Again, Boy…

When your beloved pup has been with you their entire life, its hard to regard them as anything other than family.

We celebrate their life as we would for any family member.

We rejoice in their training milestones, we bask in the groomer’s praise of how well behaved our boy was, we mark every birthday with cake and photos.

Boy the Poodle was such a pup. His mommy cherished him from the moment she brought him home. She patiently taught him how to navigate life and made sure he knew how much he was loved.

Unfortunately a little rain must fall in every life and poor Boy’s last years were plagued with health issues. It was hard for her to stand by helplessly as Boy suffered from diabetes and cancer.

Even though there was some consolation that his journey was complete and his suffering behind him, saying goodbye was one if the hardest things Boy’s mommy ever had to do.

Our team tried to give her as much comfort as we could. Uncle Kok Peng left her a thoughtful card when he went to pick Boy up. Ilex made sure everything was taken care of, dressing the body, flowers, buddhist chants, guiding her through the bone picking ceremony. We know it doesn’t salve the pain, but we wanted her to know she was supported during her difficult time.

We know with the greatest certainty that dearest Boy is at peace, because he left for the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by love.

Run free little, sweet Boy! Go with our love!

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