Little Miss Tamjiak, Princess Bambi

Playful, curious, loyal and funny. Bunnies are full of personality. They are smart too and skilled at training their hoomans.

Princess Bambi, the frosty Holland Lop was a prime example. She ruled the roost from the time she came home as a four month old bunny in December 2016. Princess Bambi was treated like a princess, she wanted for nothing and was loved as a child.

Princess Bambi had personality in spades. She was smart, fiesty and a “tamjiak warrior”!

She knew exactly how to get her way, from nudging her slaves with her cute little nose, to “boxing” them with her front paws, to scratching the bedroom door to draw attention. Woe betide her slaves if she was ignored, Princess Bambi would lay a minefield of pee and poop as revenge!

Princess Bambi loved her food — hay, veggies, supplements, treats, fruits and even the forbidden chocolate (she had a tiny bite once and imprinted the delectable scent of cocoa).

She was a fiesty warrior and fought her way through all sorts of ailments through the years but unfortunately succumbed to chronic kidney disease. 😢

Although Princess Bambi has binky hopped over the Rainbow Bridge, the precious time spent together will stay ever in her pawrents hearts.

Run free little one! Go with our love! 🌈❤️

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