Hope & Beauty

The wasteland of our hearts when we lose a beloved pet is a desolate place. A desolate place where grief has us firmly in its grip.

That is no place from which to say our best goodbye from. No place to create a beautiful memory. No place to send a final blessing for our little one to carry with them.

Hope and Beauty. That’s what we try to offer in our Farewell Room. Hope and beauty to salve our broken hearts.

Hope to be found in rainbows and butterflies. Beauty in the quiet arrangement of the room, in the grace of the butterflies flitting across the wall and the flowers artfully scattered on the bier.

The balm of hope and beauty gives us the peace to say our best goodbyes.

This was why we commissioned installation artist B. Jane Cowie to create “Flutter”. Jane plays with light and shadow to create a gentle, hopeful installation. Subtle shifts in form and hue offer a respite to consider the beauty and fragility of life. Delightfully beginning with vitality and joy, finally fluttering away in gentle release. Quietly, this artwork reminds us of life’s wonderful journey and the eternal happiness within Rainbow Paradise.

Jane has also created a memorial keepsake in the form of a beautiful rainbow glass arch incorporating the ashes of our departed little ones. These unique sculptures are available on a commission basis.


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