Keep Fighting On, Happy

Happy the Schnauzer was the opposite of her name when she was rescued by her Momma 14 years ago.

She had been abused and when she was first rescued she lay motionless, covered in a sticky liquid that her body was secreting. 😢😢

The vet gave her a very poor prognosis and said it would be a miracle if she were to survive.

So began 3 months of living on the edge. Of twice daily injections. Happy survived but was so frail she could not walk, she needed help expressing her urine and would lie helplessly in her poop.

But one beautiful day, she stood up on her own. She had been watching her brother Pepper, a miniature schnauzer, playing with another dog and decided she wanted to join in. She never stopped from that day on, one would not have known what she had gone through except for her slightly tilted head.

Her personality survived intact, always fiesty with a ton of attitude, secure in the knowledge that she was the centre of her family’s world. Happy was a little princess and the family’s helper especially adored her.

Happy passed at age 15 years in early March. We decked her up in beautiful flowers to match her name and her Momma was much pleased as she knew what a vainpot Happy had been.

Run free sweet Princess Happy and thank you Happy’s family for being such an inspiration and giving Happy such a wonderful life.

Go with our love, little one! 🌈

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