Camy, the Lovely Warrior

Once in a while a very special cat comes along. A cat with a heart filled with love, that lives for you and you alone.

Camy was a beautiful tortoiseshell cat that had been rescued by a petshop. She languished in a cage for a long time till her kind momma adopted her.Perhaps it was her momma who first fell in love with this gentle, sweet and loving girl. Or maybe it was grateful Camy will saw right through momma’s great, loving heart. All we know is that the bond between them was just magical.

The faithfulness her momma showed Camy through her health challenges. Trudging across the island after work to just spend that one precious hour with Camy at the vet.

In happier times, Camy would wait at the gate each day, dog like, for that first glimpse of momma returning. Snuggling beside momma the rest of the evening, chatting with momma in soft mews and following momma with her eyes wherever momma went.

Camy was cheeky too, despite being plagued with mouth ulcers that would not go away, she loved her food. Fried chicken and fish & chips could always be depended on to light up her face and get her going.

To the last, sweet Camy showed her devotion to her momma. She even dragged herself to use the litter tray, just like her momma had taught her recently, after which she lay exhausted beside the tray. She passed just an hour later.

Dearest Camy gained her wings in late March, aged 15. Her momma poignantly said, “I loved you your whole life, I’ll miss you for the rest of mine”. 🤗😢

Run free dearest Camy. Go with our love. Remember to send some rainbows to salve your momma’s heart. 🌈❤️

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