Pichon, the Goody Foodie

Pichon was the bestest boy ever!

He came to his family when he was only 10 weeks old, just a floofy ball of innocence, gambolling about, exploring everything.

He grew up into a smart, super friendly boi, leading his best life enjoying his walks, playing with doggie friends and his yummy yumms!

His family loved him dearly and his daddy made sure to celebrate each birthday and make a big fuss about Pichon. A big juicy steak was often on the menu and good boi Pichon would wait patiently till he had permission to nom nom it all down!

Pichon lay down to sleep last week and kept on going to cross the rainbow bridge. Always considerate, the darling boi left quietly and peacefully.

Run free dearest Pichon. Watch over your dearest family from beyond. Go with our love. 🌈🙏



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